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First stop was Bay Area Hockey Repair to get my blades sharpened. The guy working there was both bored and knew a lot about skate fitting. He was able to diagnose what was hurting my right foot, and punch out the boot in just the right place to relieve pressure there. My skates felt perfect tonight.

Then I had 90 minutes of Gretsky practice time. Given that we *never* have late Gretsky hours, I figured it would be packed. Thanks to the Sharks game on TV (I assume) only kids showed up, so we had about 25 people total on the ice and I was the old man by two decades.

First I had some really fast kids show me and push me through some tight 8-turns, pivot and shoot practice which I really suck at but they were really helpful and friendly. Then I ran into Dane, this really talented player from Canada who had given me help before. He approached me and asked if I wanted help! Hell, yeah.

So I got 60+ minutes of intensive training. He'd spend about 10 minutes on one thing then shift me to something else. He even picked on things I had given up on, like omg I can do a slapshot now.

Gah. I only stopped for one 2 minute break, so it was 90 minutes intensive on the ice. Much harder than a game. I was completely wrecked by the time it was over. Absolutely, totally, acid in my mouth, hands won't stop shaking wrecked.

But it was awesome. I feel completely euphoric. I had the friendliest, most helpful people around me all night. And I learned so much more than I ever expected to learn.
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No goals were scored against us while I was on the ice tonight. That would net me a +0, the thing which I was happy to have a few weeks back.

Tonight we ran the puck into the opposite zone. I passed cleanly to someone, who took a shot. Deflected by the goalie. The opposing left winger got to the puck first and railed it behind the net. Henry and their right winger collided trying to get the puck; it bounced a few feet away from them. I snagged it, glanced around and found our right winger standing clear in the slot. I passed cleanly to him, he shot on goal. It rebounded off the goalie's pads towards me. It could have been my first goal, but Henry got to the puck quicker and tossed it in the net before the goalie could get over to our side.

Would have been nice to get the goal, but it was first assist AFAIK and also my first +1 game so I'm happy with this.

We won the game 3:1 which ain't bad either ;)
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So the last two weeks have provided for the first time some positive news on the hockey front. First I did some careful investigation and tuning with the manager of our local Hockey Giant store, and we figured out where all my pain is coming from. On my left foot I have a nerve running over the top of the bony protrusion in my ankle. On my right foot, the nerve lies lower and is protected from pressure. We successfully cut away some of the tongue and used silicon pads to protect the nerve. For the first time I skated with no pain. (meant to write this part a week or so back)

So I did some testing and moving things around and got positive and negative results and was able to confirm that the silicon pad doesn't prevent the tongue from sliding down and doubling up there like we hoped, but the silicon pad falls inside the tongue and protects the nerve. As long as the pad stays in place, I can skate with little pain.

In fact, I've been able to stop tying my skates super tight once the pad is protecting the nerve, and let the skate move around a little more. This was guaranteed pain in the past, but it's fine as long as the pad stays in place. I'm skating better and more confidently now. It's been a huge relief to stop thinking about pain, and avoiding thereof, and just think about skating.

I still can't skate well without KT Tape to support me, although I did figure out that I can apply a long strip across the lower back nerves myself, and this provides enough support. So at least I'm self-sufficient now.

Finally, the Knights broke our losing streak Sunday by defeating the Piranhas, who beat us soundly back in November. Not only did we win, but it was my first game where I didn't go further negative on my +/-! Granted, a positive (being on the ice when a goal was scored) or scoring a goal myself would be even better, but it's my first game were I didn't go negative so I'm happy with it.

This is apparently a best season so far for the Knights, and we have secured a spot in the playoffs!
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I'm having a ton of fun trying to learn hockey. But to be honest, in the 10 months I've been doing it I've spent 3 times as much time trying to find a way to get the boots stable and pain free underneath me. It's not a problem skating around for fun. For some reason once I start skating with hockey intensity I find myself in serious pain.

Either the boot is too loose and moves around beneath my feet, or I'm in pain from the little bony knob just above the heel on the outside of my left foot.

I've tried lacing patterns. I've tried pads inside the boots. Sharks ice pro shop has no clue. I switched boots with Hockey Giant. Last thing we did was reheat and punch out the boot to give me more room there. After spending two months out due to the shoulder surgery, I came back and spent roughly 10 hours practicing skating. I went to the beginner hockey class this Saturday morning and I couldn't even finish the class I was in too much pain.

I guess after the shoulder surgery I'm just really tired of being in pain all the time, and I'm seriously considering hanging up my gloves and going back to just being a fan.

If someone has any good ideas about where to go, or any specialist (I'm happy to pay) who might be able to work this out... I'd really love to be able to focus on skating and hockey, rather than pain management.

Until or unless I find some useful direction to proceed, I guess I'm going to bow out and go back to sports I could enjoy sans pain.
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In Sunday's hockey game I managed to collide at high speed with our other defenseman while we were together blocking a forward sprinting towards our goal. We succeeded in blocking him, but ended up hitting the ice pretty hard, me on the shoulder which already has a bone spur poking into the rotator cuff.

I didn't notice being in pain that night, but when I woke up in the morning I couldn't move my arm two inches without almost screaming in pain. I got in to see my doctor ASAP worried I had broken the arm, but thankfully that wasn't the case. The impact has caused my shoulder to inflame tremendously, and it's pushing the rotator cuff muscles up against the bone spur really hard.

No hockey for me for at least a week, more likely two or three. In fact, no holding things with both hands, or even pointing my left arm. It hurts.

And now my doctor is saying that maybe we really should consider doing surgery to cut away some of the bone spur. We'll see how it looks after the inflammation dies down.
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The Knights were crushed by the Rusty Blades tonight, 5-1 or something like that.

I contributed two goals... for the Rusty Blades. One puck bounced off my foot and slid past our goalie. The second time I was dicing for puck control near the net, the guy feinted, pulled back, then bounced the puck off my blade into the net. I'm crushed. I'm sure my team wants to crush me too.

It little ways, I'm getting better. I'm catching the puck more often. I'm annoying the other side more often. But not consistently, and not enough. One time I was proud of myself for racing back in time enough to get between the opponent and the net... but I slowed down just a tiny bit as I got near the net, and he shot it millimeters past my stick into the net. Crushed again.

I got one chance to shoot at the far net during the game, and just hit an opponent in the chest who was able to knock it down and run it back to our territory.

I ended up 0:-3 for the game, which makes me 3:-6 or -3 for all three games. This is total suckage territory. I'm kindof surprised the Knights haven't told me to blow off yet.

And my blades are hurting me again. It never stops. I'm mad enough about the effing hockey blades and pain to want to throw all of this stuff out the window and never look at it again. Nobody else has any problems like this. Nobody. Everyone just looks at me weird when I talk about the pain in my feet. Auuuuuuuuuugh.
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So I'm kicking happy glad that my first official-with-referees-and-everything hockey game was a win.

Sadly, I didn't score except in the stooopid category.

So having been a long time fan of hockey and having some street hockey experience, I know the game pretty good. Unfortunately my pickup games and scrimmages didn't prepare me for the sensory onslaught of a real game. There's two kinds of information you just don't get any other way:

1. Useful commentary yelled from the bench, especially letting you know when others are offsides or an opponent is behind you out of vision.

2. Making sure you're processing when the person in your position is coming in and you should be going out, or vice versa when it's time for you to go in and let the other defenseman out.

I thought I had the second part easy. The guy who would swap with me was a big guy with a distinctive jersey. Unfortunately, he got into a fight early in the third period and got thrown out of the game. That left us with three on defense. So two forwards were swapping in to play defense to balance it out.

About five minutes into this process, when a forward got the puck and headed for the opposing net three people went forward, and a defenseman and another came in to swap. This is much like a normal defense swap. When my defense partner went out I went out right behind her, not realizing that one of the people that came in was a forward and I was creating six on the ice.

Bzzzt. Into the penalty box I went for Too Many On Ice. This is really not how I wanted to remember my first game.

I do have some good memories. I stole the puck more than a few times, I stopped a breakaway run on my goalie, and the puck never went past me into the net. I also fell down a stupid amount, and I tended to play inward to dice for the puck in the neutral zone when I should have been falling back to defend the net.

Got a lot to learn. And hopefully I'll get out of Defense soon, as that's really not where my instincts are.
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